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With fierce competition in the wide format industry; print houses are constantly searching for new emerging segments. One segment in particular that we foresee some growth is within the Industrial / Commercial segment. History has shown that this segment is notorious for choosing quality over cost when it comes to longevity and safety. I.e.: Commercial grade equipment vs. economy/personal use equipment.

So if the commercial segment has money to spend on expensive machinery, why do they have such a lack in their marketing presence? I’m sure you have seen some of these commercial giants who still have the same landmark sign that was produced back in the 70’s or 80’s. Did they spend all the money on machinery? Or do they just not see the value in this expense category? What if print shops could offer some serious new marketing footprints for these companies within a budget that was too valuable to resist.

Because of this segment and these questions; Que Media has placed some R&D focus into some higher end products for this sector. The first two products to emerge from this focused development are WallTaque and LAM8TAS. WallTaque is a durable fabric with removable wall adhesive. What our main focus is with the WallTaque is to find an adhesive formula that will be strong enough to hold to many different surfaces without releasing. After several months of development and testing, we finally approved the perfect adhesive.

The Second product to emerge for the Industrial segment is the LAM8TAS. This is an anti-slip laminate. Take any inexpensive permanent adhesive product from Que Media and add this new anti-slip laminate to make perfect floor graphics with an industry standard in safety. After the development of this product, Que Media worked with UL to get the UL410 Anti-Slip Classification. When it comes to any kind of commercial or industrial or corporate installation; UL classification is very important.

To further illustrate the use of both of these products within an industrial application, we chose a warehouse stairwell for installation. From start to finish once the graphic design work was complete; the printing, lamination, and installation took less than 4 hours to complete.

In the picture; there is a concept drawing, artwork, and an actual picture of the installation. We used the Walltaque product on the stair risers, and the LAM8TAS anti-slip floor laminate on the steps.


In less than 4 hours this boring stairwell was turned into large marketing footprint for “Que Media”. Time and man power was minimal which keeps the job cost down and the media itself was also very nominal. Que Media does not share any costing to protect our distribution channels but we are more than happy to connect end users with one of our local distributors. Any distributor may reach out to their sales representative at Que Media to answer any questions.

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